Your algorithms, trading live.
With Quantopian, you turn your investment goals into an algorithm that trades stocks. We help you develop your algorithm by providing intelligent automation, our community of investors, and professional-grade data. Then we turn your strategy into reality by executing your algorithm in the market.
Cumulative performance
Writing code is made easy in Quantopian’s development environment through auto-completion, tooltips, and helper functions for common financial calculations. You can clone an existing algorithm and modify it, or you can build a completely proprietary algorithm.
Investors who fail to remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Run your algorithm against 11 years of stock market history, and see how your idea would have performed. Run your algorithm against live data, and see how it performs going forward. It’s free, and it will help you avoid a bad strategy without costing you one dollar.
There's a reason today's trading floors are actually server farms. Deploy your investment strategy against your existing brokerage account using Quantopian's cloud hosted infrastructure. Since your algorithm is running on our servers, you don’t have to worry about the computer. It’s your investment strategy running on auto-pilot.
Why go it alone, when you can benefit from access to a global network of talent? The Quantopian community is full of thousands of smart, quantitative investors (there are over 15,000 of us now). Quantopian provides both public and private collaboration tools that allow you to learn, teach, code, and trade side-by-side with colleagues next door or across the world.
What is algorithmic investing?

Algorithmic investing has long been a high-priced, secret weapon used by Wall Street to conquer emotional biases and beat the market. Quantopian brings the power of algorithmic investing into your browser to level the playing field.

Algorithmic investing permits you to incorporate more data in your strategy than you could ever include on your own. Algorithmic investing prevents you from making the emotional trading errors that we’re all prone to make. You can test your algorithmic strategy before you put any money on the line and save yourself from costly errors.

Spend time on new ideas
rather than manual operations.
Make decisions based on data
and execute without emotion.
Test before you invest.
Vet systems before using real money.
Autopilot for your investments.
Your strategy, automated.