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About Quantopian

Quantopian is a flexible, powerful, and performant data science platform for quantitative finance. Our enterprise product, Quantopian Enterprise, is designed for quantitative finance professionals who want to use Python to build and evaluate equity factors on a modern cloud-based platform.

Our free community product is used by scientists, developers, and students to learn and to exchange ideas about quantitative finance. With members from more than 200 countries, this community provides a free and welcoming learning environment for people all over the world.

Quantopian is committed to the open source software community. We maintain and contribute to many projects, especially in the quantitative finance, scientific computing, and security spaces.

Leadership Team

John Fawcett
Founder and CEO
Jean Bredeche
Cofounder and CTO
John Lee
VP Revenue
Rich Frank
VP Engineering
John Ricklefs
VP Infrastructure
Ying Xu
VP Finance
Quantopian is funded and advised by Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer Venture Partners, Khosla Ventures, and Spark Capital.

Work at Quantopian

Come help us tackle hard problems. We believe in hiring the best people and giving them hard problems to solve and the autonomy to solve them.

We're located in downtown Boston. Our collaborative office environment
and great culture mean you'll always be learning while building everything a quant needs to create a strategy and profit from it.

In addition to the positions listed below, we are always interested in talking to talented people. Email us at [email protected].


No openings at this time.

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Please address any press inquiries to [email protected]. We have provided our logos and additional images in our Press Kit.

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