Quantopian for Academia
Quantopian offers no-setup in-browser research, backtesting, and live trading environments. In addition, Quantopian is expanding its library of lectures and course materials to help you build your curriculum.
What We Have to Offer
No setup for lectures and homework
Students only need to register on our website to access all of our features. Everything is in browser so there is no installation step, and work can be done from multiple computers.
Live and historical data
Our database contains US equities priced at a minute level and point-in-time corporate fundamentals. We are expanding to more datasets and tradable markets, and custom time-series data (such as Quandl) can be imported onto the platform.
Hands-on experience for students
Students can implement and backtest ideas for trading strategies without needing to recreate a trading platform. They can use the platform after the semester is over to build a track record and help them get hired.
Exclusive contest can provide a goal for students
We can run student contests at a class, school, or inter-school level. If you’re interested in motivating your students with an algorithmic trading competition, contact us through the form below.
Existing teaching material from top schools
We're building a curriculum library to cover key concepts in Quantitative Finance. Our library features lectures written with Andrei Kirilenko at the MIT Sloan School of Management.
Teach theory and application at the same time
IPython Notebooks offer an excellent platform for teaching theoretical concepts alongside examples of their application. Our curriculum library includes theoretical examples taught through equations and the corresponding lines of code to implement the theory.
Completely free
It is in our interests to promote education in quantitative topics. We are offering these services for free in order to open algorithmic investing to more individuals around the world.
Open source
We open source our software whenever possible and give back to other projects in the open source community. Our backtester is completely open source, and our engineers have contributed to the development of IPython, Blaze, and others.
Currently in use at schools including:
Cornell ORIE Manhattan
Stanford University
Bring Quantopian to Your Classroom
Get a free consultation. We can help determine which parts of your curriculum could be most effectively taught with Quantopian.