Quantopian in the classroom

Challenge students to develop a complete quantitative strategy and compete with quants around the globe for prizes.


Quantopian in the classroom is a program for professors to easily implement and encourage students to research, write, and test their own investment strategies.

The curriculum for this program has been vetted and incorporated by professors at universities such as Cornell ORIE and Harvard IACS and used to teach students ways to research, develop, and evaluate their algorithms. The curriculum includes a series of tutorials, lectures, and videos.

Once your students complete the curriculum and build their strategy, they can enter their algorithm into our daily contest. We keep track of their progress and send you a weekly report.

By competing in our daily contest, students will see how they stack up against their classmates as well as other quants from around the world. They will be eligible for the regular daily contest prizes and also specific student prizes, like a chance at an internship at Quantopian, a review of their algorithm by our research team, and more.

Next steps

Create an account
Students can create a Quantopian account using their school email address.
Get Started
Research and code
Students can research and code their strategies on our platform for free.
Learning resources
Students can enter the contest to see how their strategy compares.
Enter the contest
Awarded to students
Students in contest

Student prizes

First place globally
  • LinkedIn certificate
  • Tearsheet review with a Quantopian team member
  • Second and third place winners each receive a LinkedIn certificate and a QuantCon livestream ticket
First place in each university
  • LinkedIn certificate
  • A cool Quantopian t-shirt


All students are welcome to participate, individual students as well. Students can create a Quantopian account using their school email address. If a student is already participating in the daily contest with an alternate email address, reach out to [email protected] to enter the contest.
All student contestants should submit their strategies by entering the Quantopian daily contest by January 31, 2019 to maximize their score over the course of the contest.
The university contest will be judged after 63 trading days on May 2, 2019.
The university contest leaderboard will be emailed to contestants on a weekly basis.
In addition to university prizes, university contestants are also eligible for the daily prizes awarded through the Quantopian contest.
Up to 2 students can collaborate to submit a single strategy to the university contest.
First place prizes per university will be awarded only if at least 5 total strategies have been entered from that university.

Enroll your school in the university contest by contacting us here

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]