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Estimize Consensus Estimates (Currently Disabled)
Dataset of crowd-sourced earnings estimates. Rolled-up daily consensus numbers. Nearly 70% more accurate than Wall Street.
This data set is actually 4 separate data sets in one product. There are 4 separate time series provided: 1) the consensus crowd EPS estimate from estimize 2) the consensus Wall Street EPS estimate over time 3) the consensus crowd revenue estimate and 4) the Wall Street consensus revenue estimate. See the sample notebook for how to access a particular fiscal quarter's estimates
How to use
# There are 4 separate data objects from Estimize for the consensus estimates product
# 2 are based on the Estmize community. 2 are based on the traditional Wall Street analysts
# To try out the free samples in pipeline
from import (

# To try out the free samples in interactive mode in research
from import consensus_estimize_eps_free
from import consensus_estimize_revenue_free
from import consensus_wallstreet_eps_free
from import consensus_wallstreet_revenue_free

# For using the full paid version in interactive mode in research
from import consensus_estimize_eps
from import consensus_estimize_revenue
from import consensus_wallstreet_eps
from import consensus_wallstreet_revenue
Key Metrics
revenue - actual revenue reported by the company
estimize_eps_final - final consensus estimate from the Estimize community
eps - actual reported estimate by company
estimize_revenue_final - final revenue estimate from the Estimize community
mean - current estimate for EPS or revenue, depending on data set
Example Usage
Various notebooks, algorithms, and posts that use this data.

Estimize is an open financial estimates platform which facilitates the aggregation of fundamental estimates from independent, buy-side, and sell-side analysts, along with those of private investors and students.
Timespan of data
18 Oct 2010 - Ongoing
Free data availability
18 Oct 2010 - 09 Jul 2019