Buyback Authorizations
Dataset of stock buyback announcements for over 4,000 listed companies.
How to use
# For use in your algorithms
# Both free samples and full paid datasets will be available
# through this namespace
from import BuybackAuthorizations
from quantopian.pipeline.factors.eventvestor import BusinessDaysSinceBuybackAuth

# For use in Quantopian Research
# To try out the free sample
from import buyback_auth_free

# For using the full paid version
from import buyback_auth
Key Metrics
asof_date - EventVestor's timestamp of event capture
buyback_type - types include new, additional, reinstates, suspends, reduction
buyback_amount - the amount of buyback_units being bought back
buyback_units - the units of buyback_amount: values include millions of dollars (or other local currency), shares in millions, or percent of shares outstanding
buyback_purpose - types include general corporate, undervalued, stock options, acquisition
Example Usage
Various notebooks, algorithms, and posts that use this data.

Timespan of data
01 Jun 2007 - Ongoing
Free data availability
01 Jun 2007 - 17 Jan 2015