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CEO Changes
Dataset of CEO transitions including reasons for change and source of the new CEO.
How to use
# To use in pipeline.
from import CEOChangeAnnouncements

# For using interactively with Blaze.
from import ceo_change
Key Metrics
in_ceogender - gender of the incoming CEO
change_type - indicates if the incoming CEO is interim or permanent
change_source - is the incoming CEO an internal candidate, or recruited from the outside?
asof_date - EventVestor's timestamp of event capture
change_status - indicates whether the change is a proposal or a confirmation
change_reason - reason for the CEO transition
Example Usage
Various notebooks, algorithms, and posts that use this data.

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Timespan of data
01 Jan 2007 - Ongoing
Free data availability
01 Jan 2007 - 26 Sep 2018