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Earnings Calendar
Dataset of quarterly earnings releases calendar indicating date and time of reporting.
How to use
# For use in your algorithms
# Both free samples and full paid datasets will be available
# through this namespace
from import EarningsCalendar

# To use built-in Pipeline factors for this dataset
from quantopian.pipeline.factors.eventvestor import (

# For use in Quantopian Research
from import earnings_calendar
Key Metrics
calendar_date - proposed earnings reporting date
asof_date - EventVestor's timestamp of event capture
calendar_time - earnings release time: before/after market hours, or other
Eventvestor provides accurate, timely, and actionable information. EventVestor brings structure and relevance to financial and business data, enabling better investment and business decisions, faster.
Timespan of data
01 Jan 2007 - Ongoing
Free data availability
01 Jan 2007 - 05 Jul 2018