Index Changes
Dataset of index additions and deletions to major S&P, Russell, and Nasdaq 100 indexes.
How to use
# To try out the free sample
from import index_changes_free

# For using the full paid version
from import index_changes
Key Metrics
asof_date - EventVestor's timestamp of event capture
index_name - name of the index affected.
change_type - Addition/Deletion of equity
change_reason - reason for addition/deletion of the equity from the index. Reasons include Acquired, Market Cap, Other
sid - the equity's unique identifier. Use this instead of the symbol. Note: this sid represents the company the shares of which are being purchased, not the acquiring entity
Example Usage
Various notebooks, algorithms, and posts that use this data.

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Timespan of data
01 Jan 2007 - Ongoing
Free data availability
01 Jan 2007 - 19 Aug 2017