Twitter Trader Mood (All Fields, no Retweets)
The mood of traders posting messages on Twitter without Retweets
How to use
# For use in your algorithms
# Using the full dataset in your pipeline algo
from import twitter_noretweets

# For use in Quantopian Research
# Using the full version in research
from import twitter_noretweets
Key Metrics
bull_scored_messages - total count of bullish sentiment messages scored by PsychSignal 's algorithm
bear_scored_messages - total count of bearish sentiment messages scored by PsychSignal's algorithm
total_scanned_messages - number of messages coming through PsychSignal's feeds and attributable to a symbol regardless of whether the PsychSignal sentiment engine can score them for bullish or bearish intensity
Example Usage
Various notebooks, algorithms, and posts that use this data.

PsychSignal is a provider of real time Trader Mood, data, analytics and indices for financial institutions & investment professionals
Timespan of data
24 Oct 2010 - Ongoing