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Continued Insured Unemployment Claims
Seasonally adjusted, the number of people receiving unemployment benefits
Updated weekly, the number of people receiving unemployment benefits in the U.S. Sourced from Quandl, data from the Federal Reserve Economic Data project. Quandl's detail page for this data set .
How to use
# For use in your algorithms via the Pipeline
# Importing the data
from import fred_ccsa

# For use in Quantopian Research
from import fred_ccsa
Key Metrics
timestamp - the simulated date upon which this data point is available to a backtest
asof_date - the timeframe to which this data applies
value - total number of beneficiaries
Example Usage
Various notebooks, algorithms, and posts that use this data.

Quandl hosts data from hundreds of publishers on a single easy-to-use website.
Timespan of data
07 Jan 1967 - Ongoing