Sentdex Sentiment Analysis
Assesses the sentiment of companies by pulling from over 20 sources such as Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance
Sentdex is a sentiment analysis algorithm, termed by the meshing of "sentiment" and "index." It understands the emotions people use in their online communication and translates them to computer language. This data can be used to gain a deeper understanding of the world, by showing you how people across the world feel about publicly traded companies.
How to use
# For use in your algorithms
# Using the full paid dataset in your pipeline algo
from import sentiment

# Using the free sample in your pipeline algo
from import sentiment_free

# For use in Quantopian Research
# Using the full paid version in research
from import sentiment

# Using the free sample in research
from import sentiment_free
Key Metrics
sentiment_signal - A standalone sentiment score from -3 to 6 for stocks
Example Usage
Various notebooks, algorithms, and posts that use this data.

The idea of Sentdex is to quantify the qualitative.
Timespan of data
15 Oct 2012 - Ongoing
Free data availability
15 Oct 2012 - 18 Dec 2016