Upcoming events at Quantopian

Algo Trading 101 on the Quantopian Platform with Joe Cursio
Future Labs AI Summit with Seong Lee
Do BuyBacks Predict Earnings? NYC Algo Trading Meetup with Seong Lee
Princeton Quant Trading Conference with Jessica Stauth
A Full-Day, Hands-On Algo Trading Workshop with Dan Dunn
MIT Fintech Conference 2017 with John "Fawce" Fawcett
The QuantCon NYC Workshops
QuantCon NYC 2017
The QuantCon Hackathon
TD Ameritrade Talk - A Look Inside Quantopian's Strategy Evaluation Process with Gus Gordon
PyData Talk - Designing an Algorithmic Trading Strategy with Python with Gus Gordon
Men of Color Leadership Conference with Jean Bredeche

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