Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Conference Panel: "Is the Crowd Wiser?" with Dr. Jessica Stauth

Newsweek’s AI and Data Science in Capital Markets inaugural event in London provided participants with a clear view of what exactly these new tools are, and how they can capture value in the financial realm. This forthcoming event in New York will likewise bring together the best minds in quantitative finance and data science to discuss how advanced computing, when applied to vast and varied datasets, can help predict the price of financial instruments.

This will involve an exploration of new and exciting data sources currently being swooped upon by hedge funds and asset managers seeking an alpha edge. For example, in London they looked at cube satellite imagery, which can provide a cheap and accurate picture of commercially significant activity anywhere on the planet; automatic identification system (AIS) data, which map the whereabouts of all vessels on the ocean via inbuilt transponders; IoT data on farming yields; heterogeneous shopping data – the list was long.

The event will also consider the extent to which advancements in AI happening in areas such as computer vision, voice recognition and self-driving cars can usefully be applied to finance. And at a higher level there will be discussions about human capital and the impact machines might have on key roles within finance such as discretionary traders and research analysts.

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