Live Webinar: The Five Reasons why most Traders Fail - And how to avoid them with Andreas Clenow

In the long run, an overwhelming majority of all non-professional traders fail to make money. In fact, most active retail traders end up losing enough money to quit the game. In 2018, at the tail end of the longest lasting bull market of a generation, this may be hard to imagine. In a bull market, everyone makes money. But as Warren Buffetf so eloquently put it, it's only when the tide goes out that you discover who has been swimming naked. To be able to trade through any market condition you need a deeper understanding of what mistakes others make, and how that may impact your situation.

Trading can be a highly lucrative activity. If done right, and properly understood. It can also be a very costly endeavor, in particular if this is not your full time profession. As the old saying goes, most people make their money in their own field, and then lose it in someone else's.

This presentation will guide you through the top reasons why traders fail and offer solutions and alternative approaches. As the market conditions are rapidly changing, there should be a renewed urgency in making sure that you there is no important piece of the puzzle that you have overlooked.

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