What is Quantopian?
How do capital allocations work?
Is Quantopian free?
Who owns my algorithms?
Are my algorithms secret?
How do I get started?
Do you give investment advice?
Data Sources
What data does Quantopian have?
Do I have to buy any data to be considered for an allocation?
Do you support Forex? Options? Futures? Bonds? Non-US securities?
Why is your close price different from other data sources?
Writing an algorithm
How do I write an algorithm?
What are tips for writing robust algorithms?
How do I learn how to write Python?
Where do I get an idea for an algorithm?
What libraries does Quantopian support?
I don't know Python. Can I use R, MatLab, or Excel?
Your IDE is new to me. Can I use my own development environment?
Can I have a copy of your data?
How does the backtester work?
How are filled orders calculated?
What benchmark does Quantopian use?
What is the difference between the 'build' backtest in the IDE and the full backtest?
Can I customize the Quantopian backtester?
How does your data track stock splits, acquisitions, mergers, spinoffs, and dividends?
Why did Quantopian build research?
What is beta? Why is this tool beta?
How is Quantopian going to expand this tool?
How should I use research and the IDE together?
When and why are there maintenance windows? How will this impact me?
What about my IP and the ideas I am researching on Quantopian's research platform?
Privacy and Security
Is my algorithm secure?
Do you store my credit card information?
How does Quantopian make money?
If you don't charge, how are you paying for this?
Who is Quantopian?
What's your roadmap?
Can I trade through my brokerage?
Is this high-frequency trading?
Do you have a paid support offering?
How can I add a photo to my profile?