Over $120,000 awarded
The Quantopian Open is no longer accepting submissions. The Quantopian Contest is a new competition awarding cash prizes to top algorithms on a daily basis.
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How it works

Enter the contest
Write and backtest your algorithm. Then, submit it before market open.
Keep an eye on your score
We post a leaderboard daily scoring all submissions (see below for judging details).
Claim your prize
One winning algorithm will win $5000, 2nd gets $1000, 3rd gets $500. Plus 100 limited-edition tshirts.

Evaluating Your Algorithm

Your algorithm must have low correlation to the overall market (low beta). It must have consistent, stable, and positive returns. It must avoid large drawdowns.
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Closer to zero is better. Values between 0.3 and -0.3 will pass the filter.
Sharpe Ratio
Higher Sharpe is better.
Annualized volatility
Lower volatility is better.
Annualized returns
The algorithm has to make money.
Max Drawdown
By minimizing drawdown, your algorithm can better compound gains.
Stability of Return
This measures how consistently an algorithm generates its profits over time.
Sortino Ratio
Annual Return / standard deviation of negative returns.


How do I submit my algorithm?
Go to your algorithm library and choose an algorithm. From the Interactive Development Environment (IDE), click the Enter Contest button.
How did you choose this judging criteria?
These criteria are meant to encourage algorithms that we can make allocations to.
Will Quantopian have a right to use my algorithm in the fund? Do I give up ownership of my algo by submitting it?
No. Submitting your algorithm to the contest does not give Quantopian a right to use the algorithm beyond the contest. Your algorithm remains your property.
How do I check my leverage?
From your algorithm code you can access the leverage via context.account.leverage.
What happens when I withdraw an entry?
That entry is removed from all contests, current and future. Your track record will stop accumulating on that algorithm. Contests require a 6-month track record, so in many cases letting an algorithm run is a better move than stopping and starting a different one.
How do I enter the contest every month?
All entries are automatically rolled forward into the next contest. You don't need to take any action. You may withdraw existing entries and submit new ones. We recommend that you let your entries run for several months in a row so they can develop a good live trading record.
Can my algorithm trade leveraged ETFs or ETNs?
No. Your algorithm may not trade leveraged ETFs or ETNs. Any algorithm trading these leveraged securities will be disqualified. You can use the set_do_not_order() trading guard to avoid these securities in your code.
What kind of algorithms are you looking for?
Algorithms that achieve consistent returns in all market conditions. Good algorithms characteristics are a low market beta (low correlation to SPY), evidence of hedging, and other risk management techniques.
Will you see my algorithm?
No. As with any algorithm on Quantopian, we will not look at your algorithm. Your code is private, visible only to you.
Can I submit multiple algorithms?
Yes, you can submit up to 3 algorithms at a time. You may also stop any of your submitted algorithms to make room.
Do I need to pay an entry fee?
I heard the deadline passed. Can I still enter?
Yes! It's a rolling competition and you can enter anytime. If you miss one deadline, the next one is right around the corner. Entries automatically roll over from one contest to the next.
Why do you display my algorithm's average correlation, even though it doesn't affect my score?
We are looking to diversify our portfolio of algorithms. Imagine if everyone cloned the same algorithm - investing in 10 algorithms would look the same as making a 10x investment in one algorithm. To help you think about correlation we're going to show how correlated your algorithm is with the rest of the field. In future versions of the contest we may include correlation in the scoring.
What's the fine print?
For the complete details and legal policies, please see the contest rules.

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