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Actual trading?

I am new to this and a bit confused.
Can we link quantopian to an exchange and execute orders or is this only for developing and test strategies?

If we cant link this to an exchange, what exchange is recommended and how would I move my strategy there?

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Hi Kyle,

There used to be an 'easy' way (before my time here), but not anymore. Have a look at the 'Phasing out brokerage integrations' thread.

There are ways to do it though, but it will take a bit of work I reckon. Have a look at this very helpful post by Dan W. on how to trade your own Q strategies. If you're looking for an 'easy' way however, there are other platforms (with different business models) you can find with a Google search. :)

Hi Kyle, the Q algo's can be deployed with zipline-live and traded on either Interactive brokers or Alpaca. The algo needs a few adjustments but its manageable. I trade 6 algos through zipline-live. If you want to know more ping me