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Algo works with SPY but no other stock. Error - Runtime exception: IndexError: invalid index to scalar variable.

This is my first algo. Been working on it from scratch since I joined a few days ago. For some reason it only works when I use SPY. I've Googled and gone over this site and have tried multiple things that I found that I thought might work, but so far, nothing has. Would someone be kind enough to give it a quick look over and suggest how this can be fixed to use whatever stock I put in the context.stocks = symbols('XXX'). Preferably at some point I'd like it to pick from multiple stocks in the pool, but right now I'd be happy with just having it work with other stocks beside SPY.

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It looks like you're off to a great start! I've taken a quick look through your code, and before I can find a solution to your problem, I may need to ask you a question or two so that I can better understand what is going on and what the problem may be.

To start, do you think you could explain to me the logic behind the following block of code (appears lines 77-79 and lines 96-98):

for talib.STOCH in data:
slowk1 = slowk1[-2]
slowd1 = slowd1[-2]



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Hello Jamie,
Thanks for your interest.
I am attempting to input code to determine the direction of crossover. I tried with 0 instead of -1 and that didn't work. 0 would be todays date, -1 yesterdays date in my mind. But that didn't work. So my assumption is now todays date is -1 and yesterdays is -2. Thus, if I say I want (slowk: slowktoday) -1 over 30 and -2 (slowk1: slowk yesterday) below 30, then this would tell it that the direction of the line is up and it has just crossed over 30. Therefore I could catch the price action just afterthe bottom just as it is heading upwards. So I made two sets of "if stock in context.stocks", one to calculate for today, the other for yesterday. Does that help?

Try removing your lines that look like this:

for talib.STOCH in data:

I'm not sure that a for loop is appropriate when you are trying to set slowk1 and slowd1 and the line itself doesn't really make sense as a for loop. I cloned your code, removed these lines and it worked for me! Give it a shot and let me know if it works for you as well.

That seems to do the trick. Thanks for the help, much appreciated. If you ever need any help let me know.