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Alternatives to Quantopian for Robinhood

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Hi Sritam
I'm experiencing the same problem, let me sum-up some of the info I've collected on this topic

After August 2017, Quantopian suggests to use in order to make live trading
But ziplive has a different coding method and you need to change almost everything from your original code, in order to transfer it to zipline

1 - IBridgePY seems to be the most viable way to keep your code unmodified while making real time trading

2 - Some users have developed a new platform for live trading Quantopian style

3 - If you want to migrate your live trading to Quantconnect but you don't have time/know-how you can hire a freelancer

Now, can someone share his experience with these three ways or propose a different solution?

We are really excited to announce that IBridgePy is able to run Quantopian strategies to trade with TD Ameritrade, who offers ZERO commission for US equity tradings. The YouTube tutorial of IBridgePy trading with TD Ameritrade is here:
In this tutorial, the following topics are covered
- Download and unzip IBridgePy
- Set up to trade with TD Ameritrade
- Show real time prices
- Get historical data
- Place order
- Cancel order
If you have any questions, please feel free to email [email protected]
Disclaimer: This is Dr. Hui Liu, the creator of IBridgePy