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Analysis - Back Tests

Is there any way of graphing exposures: Long, Short, Net, Gross?


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Robert -

I suggest having a look at the pyfolio/tear sheet analysis that can be done in the research platform. See attached for an example.

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You can also plot data within your backtest using the 'record' function... but keep in mind that it can only plot with a daily data frequency.

Hi Guys,

I am a newbie to to programing in python. Can anybody help me with a sample code or a guide to implement a project I am working on:

A python code that prompts the user to choose any five stock exchanges of the world (whose data is available on Yahoo Finance)
For each such market, let the program automatically choose the relevant Market Index (say S&P500 for USA, CNXNIFTY for India, HANGSENG Index for Hong Kong etc)