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Any algorithms for sale?

Wondering if folks here sell their algos?

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A better question would be: have any of you folk outperformed the S&P 500 in risk adjusted terms for a very lengthy period of time? If so, is the algorithm which has achieved this up for sale?

To be honest, a rough approximation of Quantopian's own algorithm is being given away for free.

They have chosen a route of portfolio optimization where every aspect of the code is drafted by them and given away for free with the small exception of the actual alpha generation method.

Even there, various forum members have put forward alpha generation ideas which seem to work reasonably well to produce a low volatility return for all seasons.

What these algorithms will not do is to make you rich through trading. What these algorithms will do is to make you rich through fees and asset gathering if you have the drive, marketing skills and contacts.

What these algorithms also do is to provide a profoundly useful and well thought out learning tool.

I would sell to the highest bidder. :P About 1400 lines of code.

Ha ha ha..... Yeah, yeah yeah

I have about 1005 lines and kept getting pipeline-timeout =p

you can try the contest to sell your idea :)