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Assigning Max-Notional to value of Total Cash in portfolio?

Is there any way we can assign the max notional to the total amount of cash in the portfolio so if we were to gain
for example 2K from 10K, the algorithm would use all 12K as opposed to the same 10K
I have attempted to do this but it does not seem to work:
''' context.max_notional = ''' Theres must be a proper way to do this, Thanks

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The max_notional variable is used to track your stock positions + cash. If you only want to use the available cash to buy securities, then you can do a check in your ordering logic.

For example, before ordering, you can see if your portfolio cash is greater than the value of stock you're planning to buy.


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Isn't max notional a threshold for how much money the program is allowed to spend? I want the threshold to equal the cash in the portfolio.

There can be several different ways to implement this trading guard, but it would depend on your algo strategy. Can you want to invite me to your algo via collab and I can help you code it up?

You can press the "collaborate" button in the top right-hand corner of the IDE and my email is [email protected]. Then I'll take a look!

Hey Alisa thanks! I added you as a collaborator. All im trying to do is get the total cash included in the max notional, so the program knows to use all the money it made thus far.