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Automated Returns / Starting Point

I'm a little bit new to the game of algorithm trading, but am fascinated beyond all ends. I wanted to ask the community a few questions about getting started/profitability.

-What is the best starting point to learn the coding side? (Python tutorials or elsewhere)
-How common is it that a programmer will write a low maintenance code that can realize gains over a given time period?
-How steep is the learning curve to get on par with the pros who do it in the industry?
-How long would it take for a beginner to develop and implement a strategy?

Any help would be much appreciated, as I'm sure you all know much more than I do on the matter.

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  1. Yves Hilpsich's notebooks on Github related to the book Python for Finance by Yves It's a good book to get a start and learn some of the key tools (numpy and pandas). Yves graciously put his code on github, see link. Also see his website, he does trainings as well, worth it if you're serious on learning python specifically for finance. If you have a strong math background and are beyond going back to school, you might want to check out the CQF (Certificate in Quantitative Finance) Program.

  2. I think your imagining a money printing machine.

  3. The industry is extremely competitive. Judging from your Q's you've a long way to go my friend, but not impossible. Dream big!

  4. It is fairly simple to code up a simple strategy and make trades. It is more difficult to find a strategy that perfoms well historically, a bit of data mining will do the trick. It is nearly impossible to make a trading strategy that will outperform a broad market index fund in the real market over any significant future period of time, risk adjusted of course.