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Backtest research - How to select one stock from my portfolio ?

I did my backtest and loaded it to my notebook. My backtest is focused on energy sector. I have several stock in it selected by this code:

def make_pipeline():  
    A function to create our dynamic stock selector (pipeline). Documentation  
    on pipeline can be found here:  
    base_universe = Q1500US()  
    sector = morningstar.asset_classification.morningstar_sector_code.latest  
    energy_sector = sector.eq(309)  
    base_energy = base_universe & energy_sector  
    dollar_volume = AverageDollarVolume(window_length=30)  
    high_dollar_volume = dollar_volume.percentile_between(95,100)  
    top_five_base_energy = base_energy & high_dollar_volume  
    return Pipeline({  


How Can I select from backtest only one of my stocks and apply few tests on it? Like return, drawdown, trading frequency etc. I can see that kind of information only on my whole portfolio ( backTest.create_full_tear_sheet() )...