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Basic daily signals

Hi, I am new here but I have lots of experience with python and some with trading. I am developing a python tool to check for my trade signals on a basic trend following system I have developed, I am set up to run this daily after the market close. I am just looking around to see what other people have done with this and thinking through some of the features to include. Are there any good examples out there or ideas anyone would think to share?

So far I have:
Entry, exit, position sizing, trailing stops, reminders for when to roll contracts, reverse/ratio adjusting the price data to deal with contract rolls

I searched through the forum some but did not find anything about actual trade signal generation as this is not really back testing but meant to be used daily after updating my local price data. I really appreciate any help.

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Is anyone using the quantopian tools to generate trade signals for live trading? It seems like some of the tools in the quantopian package should be helpful for live trading but I am having trouble finding examples, it seems like all the examples are geared for backtesting, but it seems like these tools should be usable for live trading too.