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beginner: How to close e-mini position? - solved.


I just started at Quantopian and have searched the forum extensively for an answer to this question, but couldn't find one.
I get a runtime error for the "order_target(context.future, 0)" below. I want to trade ES. It says that "UnsupportedOrderParameters: Passing non-Asset argument to 'order()' is not supported." Why do I not get a runtime error for the buy orders, but for the sell order, even though I basically use the same argument?

    if current_price > (1.005 * average_price):  
            # Place the buy order (positive means buy, negative means sell)  
            order_target_percent(context.future, 1)  
  "Buying %s" % (context.future.symbol))  
    elif current_price < average_price:  
            # Sell all our positions by setting the target position to zero  
            order_target(context.future, 0)  
  "Selling %s" % (context.future.symbol))  
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Have received an answer! Problem solved :)