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[BUG] Account deposit considered as gain in Live Trading Dashboard

I added cash by wire to my IB account and the performance summary in the live trading page considered the deposit as a gain.
It's a bug, isn'it?

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I noticed that, just submitted a ticket to see if there's a way to get around it.

Will similar to this as a workaround do for now? PnL in the custom chart should be right.

        # You can modify this to an integer, total cash input minus any withdrawals  
        manual_cash = c.portfolio.starting_cash  

Basically context.portfolio.pnl is context.portfolio.portfolio_value minus context.portfolio.starting_cash, so you can custom chart context.portfolio.portfolio_value minus whatever_cash_starting_plus_added_less_withdrawn as a hardcoded number, manually.

How could they address that? Maybe if we could replace the initial_capital variable they use, like set_cash_input(120000) in initialize. It would require that we restart. Or maybe they could adjust their initial_capital variable based on the stored value of after close compared to when warming up in the morning, so long as our cash transfers to-and-from the account are done outside of market hours.

no easy way around it. If you get a dividend it should be counted in your gains. Robinhood tries to counter deposits but it results in skewed graphs that amplify early gains or losses