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Bug on Live trading, when adding aditional cash to the account and using Robin Hood.

Where can we report bugs or see bugs open?

If I start to live trading, and I decide to add, aditional cash after a few hours/days, in my case I had $10k and then added $10k more after live trading, looks like the chart will go up like if the algorithm made 100% of profit, but that was just a cash deposit. is harder to trace the real grow.

Also there is another bug, at some moment probably Quantopian did not receive information for a second, so the benchmark stock went all the way down to -100% in a moment of the day and next minute went back to the normal price, but the draw recorded the fall, and it was so low that the chart is actually hard to see when that happens, because you end up with a hige line, this is an example of what happened to me a couple of days ago:

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1) Try:
record(pnl = context.portfolio.portfolio_value - 20000)
Each time you add or remove money, change that number, and stop, restart the algorithm. That'll show PnL since the beginning, while context.portfolio.pnl is only since the last start.
2) Restart for that problem to go away by losing the history. Wonder if RH has provided them a sandbox account where they can have simulated control of both sides for testing to resolve things like that, would not have to wait for cash transfers to repro for example.