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Bug?! - TypeError: can't pickle builtin_function_or_method objects

I am trying to port parts of the "Alphalens - a new tool for analyzing alpha factors code" in research notebook that uses multiple factors for building an Alpha ranking model to an algo for determining feature importance. The attribute feature_importances_ after fitting a randomforest tree ML model throws a run time error.

"TypeError: can't pickle builtin_function_or_method objects"

Could someone at Q let me know why this attribute works in research and not in the IDE algo code. There should be no difference in the results !!!


feature_importances = pd.Series(clf.feature_importances_)

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The feature_importances method is currently not supported for some sklearn models (including RandomForestClassifier). We are aware of the limitation and we have a fix in our queue of future improvements.

By default, feature_importances requires parallel processing and we have not yet implemented this functionality into the platform.

Thanks Ernesto.

However I am somewhat confused as I was told the research environment is not running using any parallel processing yet these functions work fine in research.

Additionally is there any sklearn modules that support feature_importances in the IDE algo environment including live trading.

Any timeline for these future improvements?


Hi Kamran,

Sorry, you are correct. feature_importances works properly in the research environment for RadomForestClassifier. The issue seems to not be directly related to parallelization, but to the use of serialization by feature_importances implementation. The IDE environment has stricter restrictions regarding serialization than the research environment.

Another community member ran into the same problem with RandomForestsClassifier, but reported GradientBoostingRegressor feature_importances working fine in the IDE environment.

Unfortunately, we do not have a timeline yet for these improvements, but it is definitely on our radar.


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Are there others aside from GradientBoostingRegressor that are use-able? I'd like to use ExtraTreesClassifier ideally so if you suggest something similar that is supported it would be appreciated, thanks.

This used to work about a year ago


I thought I would leave this note for other folks. This is the cleanest work around I found:

random_forest_clf = RandomForestClassifier(), Y_train)  
 all_importances = []  
for tree in random_forst_clf.estimators_:  
    importances = sum(all_importances) / len(random_forest_clf.estimators_)