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Bug: Zombie Algo Comes Back After Being Stopped

Last night I worked on some changes to my algo and copy and pasted into a new algorithm with a new name. I stopped my old algo, then deployed my new one. I went to my mobile phone, which has the algo status as an open tab, and noted that the status was grayed out and stopped. I updated the tab to point to the new algo.

This morning, I noticed that my algo did two identical orders at the same time (fortunately small and inconsequential). I opened up the algo listing page, and found my previously stopped algo was running again, along side the latest deployment. I opened up the page and noticed that the gains for the algo were the same as they were before (about 4.5% vs 0.5% for the recently deployed one). I checked my email and noticed the following:

at 9:55 pm it says that I deployed the algo I intended to deploy
at 10:26 pm it says that I deployed the algo that I had stopped.
at 10:49 pm I got a message saying that my algo was no longer connected to robinhood and that I needed to re-authenticate. I never did this so I would presume it never lost connection.

I think its clear that I didn't forget to turn off my old algo, because I have an email saying I deployed it and a distinct memory where I changed the tab. I didn't deploy it either, because it still had the old history and gains that picked up from when I stopped it. If I view my history of algos, it only shows up once, with the original start date.