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Bugs and problems in backtest list.

Sorting is not working in backtest list. Please fix this as it's quite difficult to compare the latest backtests.

Previously I could also see code of a certain backtest which worked as a ridimentary version control. This is no longer possible as there is no possibility to view code of old backtest. Please make it possible to view code of an old backtest.

example image - AM and PM are sorted incorrectly (most likely with text only).

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Code for each individual backtest is available under tab: Activities --> Code.

Thank you very much Joakim,

that solved one of my major issues, I thought the code view was removed for some reason.

Hi Mikko,

This indeed looks like a bug and I was able to reproduce it in my own account. I've filed a bug report internally. Unfortunately, I don't have a timeline for the fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Regarding the code snapshot, Joakim is right. Any time you run a "full" backtest, a snapshot of your algorithm code is saved and retrievable under Activities --> Code (thanks for explaining it, Joakim!).


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there's still the copy and paste glitch with activities --> code where it copies weird indents into the code which weren't there previously and breaks the code

Jamie, you're right. In fact, I run into that one myself sometimes. That bug was already being tracked internally but unfortunately hasn't been prioritized above other work yet. I just added your report to '+1' the issue.

Hi Jamie, please add my +1 to it as well. Not sure if it’s browser specific related. I tend to use Chrome.

Is this sorting bug really this difficult to fix - It's a simple sorting problem! I could fix this myself in approx. 5 minutes if I could access the code but I can't.

It's currently very difficult to try to find the last backtest from the backtest list when there are many backtests.

And if your coders are too busy to find out the solution: here it is! Instead of text string of the date, utilize the unix timestamp from the "Created" date and use it for sorting. Problem solved.

Hi Jamie,

The problem solved..
Thank you.