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building hft alfo fore forex and precious metals

i m seeking someone to build an hft algo for trading forex and precious metals markets can someone of you help?

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soory there is mistyping in the title.can t change it


Are you an individual trader, or a prop trading firm or a fund manager?
The solution depends on whether you already have a strategy in place that you want to automate in which case you need a software developer with some finance background.
Or else, if you need to build strategies from scratch or modify/optimize the strategies in which case you would need some quantitative expertise to build, test HFT strategies.

I have more than 5 years of experience building & automating trading strategies and am very much interested to work if your objectives are well suited to my interests.

hi i prefer to discuss all this in private ,is there any possibility to send private messages ?

Unfortunately we don't support a private message yet. You can send me a message at [email protected] and I can pass your message along.

Dan Dunn


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ok thanks dan.