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Can an algo read external parameters from a file?


Is there a way for a Q algorithm to read a parameter file CSV from dropbox?

I'd like to be able to have my live-trading algos read parameters from a file intraday to control various things.

I've played with the fetcher but it seems to only want time series data.

Otherwise, if I feel the need to override the algo, I must make a trade manually, shut the algo down and restart it.



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As far as I knowfetch_csv can only acquire data once per day and only at a specific time.. This also appears to be the only function available to request remote data. I can only imagine that the reasoning for this is to preserve compute/network resources - it would be nice if the reasoning was stated with the function.

See Also:

In that thread, @AndrewHill suggests that pandas-datareader has an edgar method; I'm not sure what an edgar method is... Perhaps there is a pathway.

Thanks for responding JJ.

My takeaway from that thread is, what I want to do is not currently supported.

I don't know if the the pandas-datareader could be used, but will investigate further.