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Can I still use the account when an algorithm is using it for trading?

Hello, I am new here, I been developing algorithms for the last few months but only papper trading and back testing; and I am very interested to go live with one of my algos on Robin Hood to test it.
The porpuse of my algorithm is to once a day buy or sell stocks that match a basic criteria, wich I normally do anyway.

If I enable the algorithm on Robin Hood, and let say that I already have some stocks, will the algorithm interact with them?
Would I be able to sell a stock that the algo bought if I dont like it at the moment?
If I am able to use the account, would it affect the algorithm in a negative way?


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Go for it! Quantopian and Robinhood play pretty well together. You can freely manually trade, deposit funds, and withdraw funds in Robinhood while an algorithm is running.

You can always manually sell any stocks which your algorithm buys (or vice versa). Of course you should be mindful of how the algorithm will react. It may well go ahead and buy that same stock again tomorrow.

From a practical standpoint though, you should avoid any temptation to manually trade in the same account. One probably backtested a strategy and felt that it worked pretty well so don't go to the dark side and second guess your efforts by manually over-riding it. If an algorithm doesn't trade as expected (or desired) then stop the algorithm. Make any changes. Then restart the algorithm. If positions are manually adjusted outside of the algorithm, then any backtests or analysis of the algorithm becomes meaningless.

Thanks! I was just asking because there are some times that I dont want to hold a stock (during earnings call) and I was worried about that only :) but I will go for it then, thanks!

You can make the algorithm avoid trading stocks around the earnings call periods by using one of the premium data sets. I've seen sample algorithms on here that use that strategy.