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Can't connect to IB?

Is anyone else having an issue connecting to IB? I haven't been able to connect my algorithm to IB since midnight last night.

Actually, I'm not having difficulty with the entire "Algorithm" research section.

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My live algorithms went down and I then I got a vague email saying there were infrastructure problems...

Has this been remedied yet? I have a fetcher that needs to run and I don't think my algo has connected yet!

I was able to reconnect immediately afterwards. However, honestly the rate of disconnects with live trading on Quantopian is disgusting. Unfortunate to say, but Quantopian as of its current state is more for research and playing with trading ideas rather than actual live trading. My experience live trading during the last 6 months has been absolutely awful. "Infrastructure problems" can be expected on an every other day basis.

I really hope Quantopian focuses a lot more on the stability of live trading because while playing around with ideas is 100% awesome, what would be more awesome is if these profitable ideas can actually be implemented in reality without nonstop hiccups.

I'm sure Q will work to improve, but today cost me some real money. It's unfortunate.