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Cant Create a columns for SID & Symbols Name

Hi Fellow Quants,

I am trying to build a data set that creates a Data Frame with the following columns:

SID, Symbol Name, Price, Volume, Market Cap, Super Sector Name, Super Sector Code, Sector Name, Sector Code, Industry Group, Industry Group Code, Industry Name, Industry Code

I took the sector & industry classifications based on the MorningStar classification on the fundamentals page and inserted them into a CSV that I am pulling using the local_csv function.

The challenge is that when i merged the 2 datasets and deduplicated on column names, I lost the column created by default for pipelines that shows SID & Symbol it looks like "Equity(24 [AAPL]) ".

Can someone look at my code and show me how my merge between the 2 data frames is removing this column. This or how to pull SID & Symbol name as a column would be greatly appreciated.

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The issue is that the 'SID & Symbol which looks like "Equity(24 [AAPL])' is the asset object. This is the index of the pipeline dataframe. The 'merge' method ignores this index when joining on columns (see ). To get around that, first move the index to a column, then do the merge, then set the index back to the index column. This can be done in one line.

result10.reset_index().merge(test, on=['Industry Code', 'Super Sector Code', 'Sector Code', 'Industry Group Code']).set_index('index')

This assumes the pipeline output is 'result10'. I didn't actually try this and it may get confused with the pipeline output having a multi-index of both assets AND dates, but this is a general approach. You may also need to add a 'how' parameter to the 'join' method? One subtle point in the above code is that, by default, the 'reset_index' method sets the name for the new column it makes to 'index'. That is why 'set_index('index')' works.

I didn't have the CSV file to test this with, so again my apologies if it doesn't work exactly. The general approach however should work.

Good luck.