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Changing the appearance of the backtest chart

The landscape chart has the effect of making volatility seem less than it really is. Is there a way to output charts that aren't landscape mode? Like how ETF replay does their charts?

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Statistic metrics on the chart not readable ether and needs to be changed
Components should be those which Quantopian use in contest lined up in two separate lines.
Something like this:

  1. Annualized Return Volatility Max Drawdown Sharpe Calmar Ratio Stability

    Algo 46.35% 16.00% 10.10% 3.490 4.589 0.772

    Benchmark 18.91% 21.00% 13.60% 1.000 1.391 0.500

If there will be extra space I will add Beta,Ulcer Index, Omega Ratio and Profit Factor and definetly Quantopian Score which will combine all of them.
Same statistic should be in All backtests table and in compere backtests table.