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Classification and Regression in Machine Learning

In this short video, Max Margenot gives an overview of supervised and unsupervised machine learning tools. He covers regression and classification, canonical problems in supervised learning. Max gives an intuitive description of the differences between these two problems and gives a brief survey of introductory techniques for statistical modeling in the field.

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2 responses

About ML regression why sklearn.neural_network .MLPRegressor isn't enabled in Quantopian?
Are there any plans to add Neural Networks packages like Keras or Theano?

Thanks! Quite helpful for me. Looking forward to the next one in the series on ML.

It might be helpful to talk a little about which ML algorithm types are supported directly within the Q environment, and which other ones would need to be run outside of Q's environment (e.g. locally or in a cloud environment like Google Colab?) due to resource constraints or security concerns, and then uploaded via the Self Serve Dataset service?