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Clone button - open in a new tab (small suggest)

Everytime that i want to read the algo built by someone else i click the red "Clone" button. This button opens the cloned algo in the same page, which forces me to go back and manually open a new tab -> quantopian -> My Algorithms -> click the cloned one.

¿Could that button open the algo editor in a new tab rather than using the current one?

People tends to explain their algo more in the forum than in comments inside their code.

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Adding my vote.

After Clone, have to make a new tab, re-open the forum post, wait for it to stop jumping around on load and re-find where one left off, time-consuming, and consider large threads. Can be made more efficient.

Wow i thought more people would find this annoying

I am very annoyed with the navigation on Quantopian. I tend to always right click > open in new tab for most actions. Especially when I am trying to look back and forth between algorithms, help, and others. I cannot really think of a solution, but I certainly agree that there seems to be something odd with the navigation.


Similarly, why can I not Clone Alogorithm on an algo that is in My Code it is frustrating that I cannot find a Save As... function in Backtesting.