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Colllaboration Request: Need Coder for 95%+ Success Rate Trading

Hi..I am not a coder or a computer wiz at all. I have been day trading for over 20 years and have back tested countless trades with my study. I need someone who is willing for me to share my study and develop an algorithm for it...95% + success rate using 5 minute time frame from 9:30 Eastern Time- 12:00 Eastern Time Zone market hour trading.
This is a link for the trade I made today

Please let me know if you are interested in making some big time $$$$ Thx !

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Are you just buying and selling moving average crossovers?

Hi, I'm using OBOSWRSI 7/60/40 close with sma cross below/above ema lines as confirmation with parabolic SAR. Can you code an ALGO to work with "ThinkorSwim" platform? If so, let me know and I will provide my cell number so we can discuss...I always enjoy talking with other daytraders. It has taken me numerous years to develop a win rate of 95%+ for trading and this technique works like a charm...profiting me generally 2K per morning session give or take a few hundred bucks +/- ...let me know- Thx !

... and better yet can you code it to work with Quantopian? heh heh

Hi Greg,

I'm writing algos also. Do you still need collaboration? I have an algo with solid selling logic, however I need help on the buy side as it is buying too early. I need to incorporate macroeconomic indicators to put in some checks and balances.