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Compare Minimum to Price

Hello I am fluent in Java, but am new to Python. I have been having trouble with a simple problem and need help.

How can I take the minimum of the past say 10 days and compare it to the current price. I would appreciate code that solves this problem.

Sorry if this problem is really easy, but I just can't figure it out for the life of me!

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Hello Chris,

This is harder than it should be at present. Your options are:

(i) use 'batch_transform' in either daily or minutely mode to accumulate OHLC or just L data. But this is soon(ish) to be deprecated and I've never felt it worked properly in minutely algos.

(ii) use 'history' in a minutely algo to give you 11 closing prices (10 days plus the current minute) if you wanted the low of the closes or 11 lows if you wanted the low of the day. But this runs every minute so you may just want to look at the opening (09:31) bar and skip the rest of the day.

(iii) use another structure like a deque to accumulate minutely L data but this might get confusing with late opening/early closing days.

(iv) find a way of using talib.MIN() but if you were collecting data with 'history' anyway this seems pointless

The attached uses 'history' at 09:31, skips the rest of the day, and records the low of the 10 days excluding the current minute.


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def initialize(context):
    context.sid = sid(2)
    context.prior_datetime = None

def handle_data(context, data):
    if context.prior_datetime == None or != get_datetime().day:  
        context.prior_datetime = get_datetime()  
        context.prior_datetime = get_datetime()  
    prices = history(11, '1d', 'low')
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Hello Peter,

One fundamental question that has been nagging me is the extent to which the Quantopian data actually capture the true price extrema, in the context of high-frequency trading? It is perhaps irrelevant to the type of trading Quantopian is looking to support, but when we talk about OHLCV data, do they include the HFT activity? For example, does the daily low include every trade, down to the 1/N millisecond (N >> 1)? Or is the market somehow sampled to obtain best estimates for the OHLC values?


When you query for OHLC values in the backtester, you will receive that bar information based on the trade data. It is not the quote data (bid, ask, order book).

It will be the trade data across all US listed exchanges. If there is a trade in a dark pool, in then open or close auction etc, it will not be in our aggregated feed.


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