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Comparing various python live trading platforms

I was looking for an open source python trading platform (that supports backtesting) but I found an overwhelming options to look at. I don't want to go through each one of them to see the pros and cons and then decide.

I understand that from Quantopian point of view, probably their underlying backtesting engine Zipline maybe the best option. But I am hoping to go with it only after I consider what other open source softwares are providing out there.

My requirement is as below:

  • I do not want to use Quantopian platform for live trading (not sure if it is supported TBH). I want full control of my platform, how the reports are generated, what is logged, etc. Going for a long haul. I can download Zipline or any other open source trading platform out there and start from there.
  • should support backtesting + live trading
  • should have IB trading support. (But this isn't a big deal. I can add this easily)

I am looking to compare various platforms on their features and then start from there.

If you have any inputs/experiences with any other platforms, please share in this post. I will consolidate all of them and respond at the end. Thank you.


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no response. does this mean I should start with zipline?

what other options (of this supposed overwhelming number) have you found?

To Name a few that i have heard of

QauntStrat (R)
pybacktest (

in about 3 minutes of googling, i can tell you none of those meet your requirements. what about the rest?

you mean zipline doesn't provide it too? what's missing in zipine?
i don't have any other.
do you have any suggestions?

thanks for suggestion Miguel. i will look into this. I was wondering if someone has comparison of various such frameworks. I found one at Michael Halls-Moore website QuantStrat. QuantStrat I am going to spend a bit of time further before i get involved on one of these. Backtrader looks promising as well.

@toan tran which platform do you use for your research/trading purpose?

here i found some better comparisons. I think i have found enough data to start my research.

comparison 1

more results here

@toan - I'm not trying to pitch anything here (it did took me 16 months to reply to this thread) but as the creator of QTPyLib (, I have to say that it does check all the boxes outlined by Alok:

  • It offers the developer full control of the platform
  • It supports backtesting + live trading
  • It has IB trading support

Did I miss anything?

How did your research go?

Did someone tried out QTPyLib? Would you share your experience with us?

I am thinking about to use an open source backtesting framework (python) and I am still undecided which one fits best to my needs.....

The following requirements are important imho:

  • python language and support of pandas dataframes
  • event-driven and object-oriented design
  • trade plotter and advanced interactive visualisation
  • lean, easy to use, steep learning curve
  • adaptable (easy to adapt for my own needs)
  • live trading is not important (I'd like to split backtesting framework from live trading)

Does anyone have experience with Interactive Brokers and their python API? What is the best setup for backtesting and live trading with Interactive Brokers?
Will Zipline + Interactive Brokers API be good?