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Contest - Static Performance Results

It appears to me that the contest performance results haven't changed much (if any) over the past week or so. Simon is stuck at 0.64% while Jeff and Szilvia move a few basis points a day whether the market is roaring or swooning. Anyone have an explanation? Thank you!

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All cash?

On the same note, it'd be great to see a time series chart of performance of the algos, vs just one value.

No reply to my questions. Ok, let's speculate.

Back in March the viral marketing campaign started with gushing write-ups like:

Finance novice beats hedge fund pros

with defensive responses to all naysayers as this YC board shows or (yea gads) reddit.

The reality was quite different. Quickly after the first winner was stopped out, the second winner was stopped out intraday and then restarted or something since the performance hasn't changed in almost two weeks. The next two winners are underwater at about -5% or -6% and their performance has flat-lined.

I'd say this is a sensitive subject for our Quantopian leaders, especially with all of the great press just six months ago, hence the silence and unwillingness to share daily returns. The entire crowd-sourced hedge fund idea should be reconsidered after being 0 for the first 4 selections.

Unless the business model is to help people create investments with at least monthly turnover and partner with market makers...

End the speculation, tell us what you really think about the contest results now that you've seen six months of actual data.