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Context.account object documentation gone

Hello Team Q!

The section about the context.account object has vanished from the documentation, so I'm looking for the exact definition for these attributes:


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Found an old copy of the docs, it doesn't have everything but it's good enough:

context.account.accrued_interest (IB: AccruedCash)

(Float) Interest that has accumulated but has not been paid or charged.

Backtest value: 0

context.account.available_funds (IB: AvailableFunds)

(Float) Equity with loan value less the initial margin requirement.

Backtest value:

context.account.buying_power (IB: BuyingPower)


IB Cash Account: Minimum (Equity with Loan Value, Previous Day Equity with Loan Value)-Initial Margin.
IB Margin Account: Available Funds * 4.
Backtest value: Infinity

context.account.cushion (IB: Cushion)

(Float) Excess liquidity as a percentage of net liquidation.

Backtest value: / context.portfolio.portfolio_value

context.account.day_trades_remaining (IB: DayTradesRemaining)

(Float) The number of open/close trades a user can place before pattern day trading is detected.

Backtest value: Infinity

context.account.equity_with_loan (IB: EquityWithLoanValue)


IB Cash Account: Settled Cash.
IB Margin Account: Total cash value + stock value + bond value + (non-U.S. & Canada securities options value).
Backtest value: context.portfolio.portfolio_value

context.account.excess_liquidity (IB: ExcessLiquidity)

(Float) Equity with loan value less the maintenance margin.

Backtest value:

context.account.initial_margin_requirement (IB: InitMarginReq)

(Float) The minimum portion of a new security purchase that an investor must pay for in cash.

Backtest value: 0

context.account.leverage (IB: GrossLeverage)

(Float) Gross position value divided by net liquidation.

Backtest value: (long value + abs(short_value)) / context.portfolio.portfolio_value

context.account.maintenance_margin_requirement (IB: MaintMarginReq)

(Float) The amount of equity which must be maintained in order to continue holding a position.

Backtest value: 0

context.account.net_leverage (IB: NetLeverage)

(Float) The default value is also used for live trading.

Backtest value: Net exposure value divided by net liquidation.

context.account.net_liquidation (IB: NetLiquidation)

(Float) Total cash, stock, securities options, bond, and fund value.

Backtest value: context.portfolio.portfolio_value

context.account.regt_equity (IB: RegTEquity)


IB Cash Account: Settled Cash.
IB Margin Account: Total cash value + stock value + bond value + (non-U.S. & Canada securities options value).
Backtest value:

context.account.regt_margin (IB: RegTMargin)

(Float) The margin requirement calculated under US Regulation T rules.

Backtest value: Infinity

context.account.settled_cash (IB: SettledCash)

(Float) Cash recognized at the time of settlement less purchases at the time of trade, commissions, taxes, and fees.

Backtest value:

context.account.total_positions_value (IB: GrossPositionValue)

(Float) The sum of the absolute value of all stock and equity option positions.

Backtest value: context.portfolio.positions_value