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COVID-19 data resources

A repository for COVID-19 data resources:

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Bumping this post, in case it would be of interest to the community. Please post additional data sources, and I'll append them to the original post. Thanks, Grant

Bumping post. I've started to add links to articles related to the COVID-19 economic/financial impact. Please contribute.

Added a few more data sources

I've added quite a few more good links. Perhaps folks will find them useful for this challenge:

A critical data resource not listed:

In particular, Metaculus provides probability distributions on a wide variety of COVID-19 predictions obtained through a cross between delphi process and prediction markets. These probability distributions are updated dynamically.

Thanks James - I added the link to my master list above. --Grant

I continue to update the list above (may be a few duplicates).

Added a couple new links, including this one, which is specifically tracking the economic impact:

Bumping post, in case the links would be useful to someone, or folks have additional resources or perspectives.

Added a few more links to the original post.