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Creating a Classifier to Simplify data.

I'm looking to create some code that can take chart data like OHLC and classify them into 1 of 4 groups.
The Open, High, Low, Close Bar Example

First, we need to take a single bar from the chart and divide it into 3 equal parts.
Example of the ZONES

The reason why we need to divide the bar into 3 zones is that we need to see what zones the bars open and close in. The high and low are important in determining what zone the open and close fall under.

  • So in group one, we have the extremes usually shown as Doji bars.
    Group 1 The Extremes

  • Group two shows the indecision of the bar at the time this is represented as neutral, with a spinning top bar.
    Group 2 The Neutrals

  • Group 3 shows up trends and bulls it shows the market climbing please see the image attached to see what qualifies as a climber.
    Group 3 The Climbers

  • Group 4 shows the downtrends and bears in the market drifting down please see the image attached to see what zones the "Open & Close" must be in to consider the bar a drifter bar.
    Group 4 The Drifters

Goal: Once I have my stock data, I want to be able to import that data in a CSV file or use live data via API and have the code count the number of times we get Extremes, Neutrals, Climbers & Drifters that I have in my data. In a separate column, I would like to know what type of group was it. ex If we have a bar that is a climber I would like to know what time of climber was it, was it a 3-1, 3-2, or a 2-1 and how many times did they appear in the data.