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Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin - applying quantitative strategies

I'm looking to develop some quantitative strategies for trading cryptocurrency/bitcoin, and am interested in working with others on it. If there's anyone else interested, respond here and we can figure something out.

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Saw a research paper about this on Arxiv recently, maybe this will help:

Hey are you still working on this ? I would like to collaborate

We are currently researching the possibilities in our startup.

I would LOVE to collab if you're still interested.

I would LOVE to collab if you're still interested. (2)

I ran my model on 20 cryptocurrencies from Feb 2016 to Feb 2018 and here are the results:

I would like to discuss with you if you are still interested.

Hi everyone. I have created a slack group of people who want to collaborate in Quantitative strategies for crypto space.

I would enjoy collaborating on a project like this as well.

I am developing a DDQN algorithm for cryptocurrency. Is it possible to collaborate on your project ?.

Anyway, the tests you have done are relative to a period of time when the price is increasing (except the last two months). Is it possible to see a simulation in the last two months?
Thank you for reply!

Did you folks start working on this project? I am interested in contributing, if you formed a team already

I also am interested in getting together with others to work on this project. The slack group posted above appears to be not working. I'd be willing to startup a group if there isn't one currently.

Right now I'm developing a DDQN algorithm, but the results are bad. I have used and modified some algo already available but the results are bad. If you want we can form a group!

heyyy @jacob , you can come along as i've realized we are working on the same goals as well ! not to take away from what Matt tried to do .

here's slack channel :

I created a telegram group at if anyone is interested in joining.

Hi, I’m interested in this as well (joined the telegram group)

I am interested also, has anyone built any strategies around the RSI? I have been trying but my RSI values are completely different to correct values, just wondering has anyone else come across this issue?

How's this going? I do some AI, but we're always looking for new ideas.

I am also very interested . Joined the telegram group as well