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Cuestions about Factors from a newbie

So I'm new to the quant world and I'm just getting started with factor trading. For the moment I'm trying to find some nice factor. The one I'm sharing is a simple combination of MR5 with basic Momentum, under the assumption that the market moves in trends + pull backs

My questions are:
What do you think about this factor/idea? Any recommendations?
How can i know when a factor is good enough for building a strategy?
Which is more important, you entry/portfolio weighting strategy or you factors? I asume that both are really important, but to what degree?
Maybe a bad factor can be perfectly profitable if it is correctly managed

Also what about sharing "secrets"? Does a strategy becomes less profitable the more people use it? Does it increment the slippage because there is no "room" for everyone at that price?

What about building strategies for yourself rather than for competitions? For the moment I'm aiming to build a simple strategy that won't make me rich but help me manage my savings, and hopefully someday become a full time trader. Is it too ambitious or achievable?

Price action strategies:
I've read that price data has been around since a long time, so building a new strategy based on price action is nearly impossible. But maybe I'm able to make something that it isn't new but still profitable. Is that possible? or price action strategies are getting harder and harder to develop and it would be easier to develop a fundamental one?

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