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Daily Dip and Peak Intraday SPY Trader

Hi everyone, I made this algorithm to buy and sell the SPY at its hypothesized daily dip and peak. It buys one minute before the close and sells at noon. I wanted this to repeat everyday but it seems like it only did it the first day, anyone know how to fix it?

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def initialize(context):
    context.spy = sid(8554)
    #This buys into S&P 500 at close which is hypothesized to be a dip in the market, and sells at open 
    #What I hope to do is incorporate something into this
    # Rule out trading costs for now
    set_commission(commission.PerShare(cost=0, min_trade_cost=0))
    # Ensure the trades get filled

    # open position right before closing bell
                      time_rules.market_open(hours=6, minutes=29)
    # close position at 12:00      
                      time_rules.market_close(hours=2, minutes=30)
def open_positions(context, data):
    # Position 50% of our portfolio to be short in SPY
    order_target_percent(context.spy, 1.0)

def close_positions(context, data):
    order_target_percent(context.spy, 1.0)
There was a runtime error.
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I think you meant to have this to close your position:

def close_positions(context, data):
order_target_percent(context.spy, 0.0)